Smoothie: A perfect treat to encourage your kids to start living on fruit diet


There’s no better way to convince your kids that living on fruit diet is great other than through mouthwatering and flavorful but healthy treats like a smoothie. Although there are  processed smoothies available in the market today, you should prefer homemade ones as they are fresher and of course healthier. 

Creating a smoothie especially if it’s your first time can be quite challenging. Nonetheless, all your time and effort invested in the process will be all worthwhile after watching your precious ones enjoy a healthy snack that you personally made.

Many prefer smoothies found in the supermarket as they can be prepared in a flash. Although it’s true that they are still nutritious, these smoothies often come with added sugar and preservatives making them culprits of diabetes and health risks. There’s no need to settle with these semi-healthy smoothies since all you need to do is make a natural smoothie by following three tips that this article will discuss to satisfy your kid’s cravings and keep them healthy. Following these tips can assure that your homemade smoothie can help encourage your kids to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Only consider natural and unprocessed ingredients 
There is no point of making a smoothie if it is made from processed ingredients. Your smoothie should be created out of whole, natural, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Of course a smoothie won’t be possible without a liquid to blend the ingredients. Water and coconut milk are the two healthiest options in this case. Coconut milk to be specific can completely overhaul your once boring smoothie and add a creamy texture into it. Aside from improving your smoothie’s flavor and overall look, coconut milk also has tons of benefits leaving you with all the reasons to try it out the next time you prepare this healthy snack for your little ones.

Be creative
Don’t hesitate to mix various ingredients. Always remember that great tasting smoothies are those that are made from a number of healthy foods. Adding even one element can entirely change a smoothie’s flavor so dare to experiment. It’s also wise to conduct a brief research and determine what fruits and vegetables go well together. Don’t forget to consider spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. These ingredients can greatly contribute to achieve a stunning flavor on your homemade smoothie while providing protein and healthy fats for your kids. 

Involve your kids in the activity
Making a smoothie for your kids can turn into a fun-filled activity if you let them help out. Creating smoothies usually don’t involve dangerous utensils so this endeavor is totally safe for your kids. Simply give them the ingredients and guide them along the way. While creating the treat, share the nutritional benefits of every ingredient they pick up. They can learn a lot from the experience and be aware how certain vegetables and fruits can help them do more and stay healthy. This is anexcellent method to help them realize that living on fruit diet is a great idea.

Following the tips mentioned above will not only guarantee a healthy smoothie for your kids but also introduce memorable and fun-filled bonding moments as they help out in creating their delicious and healthy treat. A homemade smoothie every day is a great way to start living on fruit diet with the whole family!