Winter Clothes Distribution Program

winter clothes

Winters in Bangladesh are like the normal winter temperature enjoyed by any other Asian countries. But a sudden drift from the hot summers and wet monsoons brings in the winters in the country. People get the feeling of the chilly winters. But imagine those people who work throughout the day in the winters to make a living? They hardly have any proper winter garments to put on. Keeping aside the freezing temperature, they have to go to their work in the morning in same old clothes that people wear during the summers. Many of such instances came to our notice and that is when we decided that charity can come to the rescue of these people.

Like every year in the month of January Touching Souls International distributed winter clothes for 650  people in Munshigonj and Sirajdikhan. We saw many of people standing in queue at the Kushumpur Junior High School. They were very excited when they heard about this program taking place. Winter clothes are very essential for these needy people as they cannot afford these garments themselves. With this charity program, we got an opportunity to help those people who were in real need of clothes to safeguard themselves from the chilling cold.

Our volunteers took an active part in the distribution of winter clothes in the charity program. A list of all the underprivileged people was made by them and they made it a point that everyone attends the program. Shawls, sweaters were brought in numbers by the team. The program was successful with the participation of thousands of people. They thanked us  for our arrangements. We considered ourselves fortunate to bring happiness in the lives of these impoverished. Our helping hands meant a lot to them. Their winters were much better this year for them!